To My Future Child

I want you to grow up in a world where
People actually care

Where you know you’re good enough
Where your worth isn’t measured by owning stuff

Where you know who you are and you seek to grow
And everywhere you go, a seed you sow
Of someone secure in who they are
And in search of truth willing to go far

Where you won’t experience shame when you make a mistake
And you never feel that you have to be fake

Where women aren’t told they’re “too emotional”
And men aren’t belittled for being so

Where people aren’t categorized by the color of their skin
Or who they choose to marry whether or not some call it a sin
Where people are celebrated for honesty
Where every living creature is wild and free

Where you know your body and its worth
And that one day it can create new birth

Where you receive a healthy sex education
And know there’s nothing wrong with masturbation

Where you know your beliefs are yours to explore
And to hold your parents’ respect you never have to be more

For you are mine to raise up, to love, and to hold
But you are yours to decide who you’ll be, not told
By me or your dad, the church or your friends
Your grandparents, teachers, or the world until your story ends

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