Minimal Living Area

Hello from sunny Florida! It’s of course a very warm day here and a great day to discuss minimalism! Over the next several posts, I am going to introduce the concept of cozy minimalism and do something of a house tour as I share examples from my own home.

When it comes to a home, everything is going to be individual and unique. Everybody has different tastes–different favorite colors, different styles of decorating, different thoughts on how much stuff they want in their home. It is totally possible to make a cozy, happy home that is clutter-free while still taking all of these differences into account. My style is very much bohemian and yet still minimalistic. I like bright colors and houseplants and string of lights on the windows and walls but also open spaces and no more furniture than I need. Therefore I consider myself a minimalist but not a strict minimalist, perhaps. So let’s get started!

I’d first like to share before pictures with you. When we first moved in, this was how we had the living room set up.

It was very minimal and quite empty. I didn’t mind it much, it was so simple and easy to clean but when my husband said it felt like we were living in a model home, I knew it was time to change it up. I liked the minimal feel, but I agreed that some extra colors and a few more pieces of furniture would fill the room in nicely. I love this wall hanging that I found at a thrift store for $20. It’s pinned onto a dowel which is easily suspended from two nails in the wall. The string of lights across it was purchased at Ross with a birthday gift card. Lights like these are hard to find secondhand!

The couch is different now. We found this “new” couch on the side of the road waiting to be hauled to the dump and rescued it. The other one has served us well for a long time but the wood in the bottom was cracking and could not be repaired. It can still be sat on, but it is not as comfortable and switched it out once we found this gem. (That’s Tonio napping on the couch.) The TV is mounted to save room (we only live in about 1,000 square feet after all). The entertainment console was gifted to us when some friends replaced theirs and on it we have a record player, records, my husband’s Halo figurines, his Xbox, a picture frame of us (the only framed photo in our house), and a faux wood box with our few DVDs and CDs in it, as well as the bass component of our sound system. This corner felt empty, so I added this small side table (gifted to us by my parents, who are moving). My yoga mat is behind it and my yoga wheel is on the bottom shelf along with a few books and of course a Himalayan salt lamp and some dried eucalyptus. The feather frame was a recent addition. I thought it added nice color and I love the wood frame! A few cactus sketches in wood frames purchased with another birthday gift card from Hobby Lobby make the wall behind the front door look less bare and of course an essential oil diffuser and some more dried eucalyptus.The diffuser and eucalyptus sit on a wood tray shaped like a leaf that I picked up from a thrift store. The globe on the shelf is from a yard sale and some books take up the remaining space without looking too crowded.The last corner still has the large house plant (I’ve had it over a year now) plus a side table and an armchair both from my parents. The Bonsai tree was a birthday gift from my husband and the crocheted basket holds the remote controls. The throw blanket over the chair was thrifted, of course!That completes my cozy minimal living room tour. I like to change things around every so often, but I love it this way and intend to keep it like this for awhile. I think my husband was right about the model home look and it looks much better now.

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