Minimal Bedroom

Now that I’ve shared how I apply minimalism to my life in general and specifically to my living area, I want to share how I apply it to the bedroom. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house to keep clutter free and simple. Not only does it include the closet, which for many people is a cluttered, unorganized place, but it is the place that we rest, and it is much easier to rest in a simple, uncluttered area. Just as in the living area, the details of what is in the room and how it’s arranged are left to personal preferences, but there are several universals that can be applied.

The bed is the main purpose of the room.
This is the most important thing to me, personally. I take good care of my bed. It is centered in my room, has breathable cotton sheets on it, and just the right number of pillows for us to comfortably sleep plus one decorative pillow. The bed should not be covered in decorative pillows that have to be moved every night. While a few decorative pillows are fine if that’s your thing, too many will get exhausting to move on and off and typically will end up just being left on the floor, and this is the sort of clutter you want to avoid. I also have a good mattress that is breathable and firm. I do understand that not everyone can afford a new mattress, but when the time comes to replace your current one, consider looking into healthier, eco-friendly options. We keep our bed close to the ground on a low wooden frame that we made ourselves, but this is a personal preference of course. Having it close to the ground eliminates having to clean under it, but it also eliminates storage space. Thankfully we don’t need this storage space in our home.

Keep minimal furniture in the room.
All we have in our room other than the bed are two unpainted wooden crates turned on their ends as bedside tables. These hold a reading lamp on one side, a salt lamp on the other, and a few books on each. The only things I would consider adding are some houseplants. Some people will want a bench or chest at the end of the bed, or a rocking chair, or even a whole seating area depending on how large the bedroom is, and as long as these surfaces don’t become places for collecting clutter this is perfectly fine. As soon you find that you’re throwing your clothes and pocket knick-knacks onto the bench instead of putting them where they belong, however, you might want to reconsider that extra surface.

Keep a minimal, organized closet.
This is a huge one, and I write about my minimal closet in great detail here. Closets are set up in a huge variety of ways–different shapes and sizes, some walk-in and some not, some with shelves and racks and some not. I encourage you to make what you already have work before spending money on an organization system or a dresser. I don’t personally like dressers. I believe that clothes should be mostly hung on hangers (preferably wooden if you’re buying them, but whatever you already own otherwise) and smaller items like socks and underwear can go in baskets, bins, or crates on the shelf above or even set on the floor. My closet is not a walk-in, but it is very long and the previous homeowners installed a wire shelving and organization system that has a few drawers that we use instead of containers, but our last home did not have this and I found that using baskets worked very well and was very pretty. The simplest way to keep your closet clean is just to put stuff away. Don’t let clean laundry sit for days before you put it away and don’t throw clothes any which way when you change. Decide right away whether the clothes go back on the hanger or into the dirty laundry and put it there. It’s not a difficult habit to form and will keep your room and closet clutter-free.
Keeping your bedroom clear of clutter will make a quick dust and vacuum much easier and you’ll be encouraged to do it more often when it won’t take an hour to clear the clutter and put the clothes away first. Whatever your personal preferences, seek to create a peaceful bedroom and you’ll find that you’re more rested and less stressed in general.

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